An interview at First Presbyterian Armagh

Recently George Shillington was interviewed by Rev. Tony Davidson, the senior minister at First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, Northern Ireland.  In this 15 minute segment Shillington highlights some of the major themes that run through the book. As the interview was filmed in the church of his birth, George pays close attention to the matter of the relevance of this study for the church today.

“George Shillington has travelled far from his rural Co. Armagh home in Northern Ireland, yet he has also kept true to his own faith and cultural background. In this book he is able to speak authentically about Jesus’ context in rural Galilee as well as Paul’s context in urban Mediterranean centers. Reading the book you will find Jesus of Nazareth and Paul of Tarsus leaping out of the pages and speaking freshly into your context.”
— TONY DAVIDSON, First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, Northern Ireland