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We are delighted to announce that Jesus and Paul before Christianity: Their World and Work in Retrospect
is now available for order, both in electronic form, with Kindle, or as a softcover.  You can buy it from amazon.

Who was the real founder of Christianity as it is known today — Jesus or Paul?  What. if any, was the connection between them?  These and other questions about the two historical figures have occupied biblical scholars and the Christian church for many years up to the present time.  This book proposes new ways of framing the questions as well as new approaches to answering them.

Neither Jesus nor Paul spoke of a new world religion, separate from Judaism, that would envelop the planet and last for millennia.  This study seeks to locate both figures in their respective places in the first century, in Jewish contexts and within the larger Greco-Roman society.  The aim is to transcend the language and thought patterns of later generations of theologians in order to hear more clearly the prophetic voices of Jesus and Paul on their terms and in their social locations.  By so doing, Shillington lays the groundwork for a more authentic translation of their vision and mission into modern alternatives, including better Jewish-Christian relations.


“Shillington has succeeded brilliantly in capturing both the uniqueness and commonality of Jesus and Paul.  By respecting the integrity of the two figures, working with their terms in their time frames and historical context, he has enabled their respective witness and vision to emerge with vivid clarity and freshness of perspective.  This is a book for the reasonable and responsible reader that addresses the best of recent scholarship.  It will prove invaluable to students of Christian origins.” — William S. Campbell, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

“George Shillington provides a map for those on the quest to understand Jesus and Paul, as well as the continuities and discontinuities between these two seminal figures, particularly in terms of Judaism.  Perspectives old and new as well as his own suggestions are provided all along the way in this well-written, easy-to-follow guide.” — Mark D. Nanos. Rockhurst University.

“The author shows himself to be thoroughly versed in contemporary scholarship on both Jesus and Paul.  His very readable account will be welcomed by the serious non-specialist.  Scholars too will welcome his fresh and insightful treatment of an old, but important issue in New Testament studies.” — Sean Freyne, Trinity College, Dublin.

“In this volume, written for the general reader but also suitable for biblical specialists, George Shillington throws welcome new light on the subject of Jesus and Paul and their respective roles in the rise of Christianity.  By setting each of them in their different and here, finely profiled contexts, Shillington explains how Paul’s work made sense in relation to Jesus without prostrating fragile modes of influence.  He also scuppers any notion that either of them was ‘Christian’ or invented ‘Christianity.’  The book interacts with a wide range of the best contemporary scholarship, including recent work by Jewish researchers on Paul, and exhibits an equable temper throughout.  It deserves a wide readership.” — Philip Esler, St. Mary’s University College, London.