New DVD resource for Small Groups

Join professor George Shillington on an engaging journey with Jesus and Paul before Christianity.  This eight-part series is designed specifically for use in adult education and small group settings. Participants will be challenged to reconsider their relationship with Jesus, as Paul did his.

Included with each lecture is a handout to facilitate active listening, and to direct challenging group discussions. View this 3 minute sample taken from session six of the series.


The series is flexible in format.  For example, the collection of lectures on Jesus could be delivered over four evenings leading up to Easter. The remaining  four on Paul would fit nicely after Easter.


Order this ten part series for immediate download and offline viewing on any Windows or Mac computer.  Download instructions will be included in your receipt.

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A DVD version is now available for ordering.   Shipping costs not included.

Price: $34.95

Disk 1 – Jesus

A brief explanation on the two parts of the book title.

1) Meeting up with Jesus in HIS place
Competing powers in rural Galilee where Jesus lived for about thirty years not far from two important cities

2) Meeting Jesus’ Associates and Friends
One prophet, twelve male students, some women, several revenue people, religious teachers, and not a few “sinners”, all eager to figure out what Jesus was saying and doing.

3) Signs and Sayings about a New Way to Think and Live
Puzzling stories and powerful actions capture the imagination about a new order of life, not like the ones centred in Rome and Jerusalem.

4) Execution at the Last Passover Festival
Hopeful crowds, festive supper with associates, subversive demonstration in the Temple precincts, and the inevitable happens, but not without vindication.

Disk 2 – Paul

5) A Rare Epiphany at Damascus in Syria
A Jewish Disciplinarian sees the light of the risen Jesus, who calls him to do the right thing and bring the gift of Israel’s God to the rest of the world.

6) Creating a New Association Next Door to the Synagogue
Leaving behind the old religious societies to join a new Messianic community in the name of Jesus, God’s faithful Israelite.

7) Equal Rights and Privileges for all in the Fellowship of Jesus
In memory of Jesus’ self-sacrifice for all, everyone participates without social distinction or biological domination.

8) All Israel will be Saved
There could not be any question about Israel’s restoration, any more than there could be about God’s covenant with Abraham, “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”

Jesus first and also Paul.